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Is This Salt Lake's Best Pita?

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on October 4
Have you tried The Other Place Restaurant? (@theotherplaceslc/Instagram)

Have you tried The Other Place Restaurant? (@theotherplaceslc/Instagram)

In this edition of, “I tried it and you should, too,” we have The Other Place Restaurant, an unassuming Greek eatery on 469 E. 300 S. in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Mezedakia

The standout dish to me was the Mezedakia. It’s in the appetizer section, but let me tell you, this thing is huge. Your choice of meat comes with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, tzatziki, red onions, and dolmathes.

The Pita

Most of the menu options include two or more sides. Do yourself a favor and get the pita. It’s pillowy, warm, and the perfect vessel for sopping up all the glorious juices at the bottom of your plate.

The Ambiance

I went with a group of friends and we talked about how this place seems like the type of restaurant that you keep coming back to, and it was apparent that the other diners were regulars. Getting a table by the window on a rainy day was the perfect setting for romanticizing our Salt Lake City lives.

I look forward to returning to try the breakfast. What’s your favorite rainy day restaurant?

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