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What is City Cast Salt Lake?

City Cast Salt Lake is Salt Lake City’s daily news podcast and newsletter, fresh each morning at 6 a.m. We celebrate Salt Lake’s triumphs, (try to) solve its mysteries, and consider its history. Our goal is to help you feel more informed and more connected to the Wasatch Front – whether you’ve lived here for 6 months or 6 generations.

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Meet our host

Host Ali Vallarta’s career in film, politics, and grassroots organizing has taken her from the slopes of Park City to Bluff’s buttes. Still, she’s deeply passionate and insatiably curious about this place and its many contradictions. She fell in love with audio during a stint at KUER, but this is her first time officially on the mic. Whether she’s opining about local politics or debating the best dog park in town, you can count on Ali for a good conversation. She’s most at peace when riding horses, eating tacos, or sneaking a bag of snacks into the movie theater. 

Why launch City Cast in Salt Lake? 

Salt Lake is the land of saints and sinners, and we love it for its contradictions. On city streets named after the Temple, you’ll find the neon lights of tattoo shops and one of the queerest communities in the nation. Our vistas are breathtaking when you can see them through the air quality, and our mountains invite world class recreation that most people can’t afford. Community leaders call for racial justice while our legislature works to ban critical race theory. Hell, we even have our own Real Housewives franchise!

Meanwhile, Salt Lake City is growing fast. We’re set to double our population by 2050, and the demands of our city are way outpacing our state’s broader political and economic environment. Welcome to Utah, life elevated! If you want to climb quickly, you’ll have to switch gears often.

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