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The Best Places To Cry in Salt Lake

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on August 25
Crying in Salt Lake. (Google Maps)

Crying in Salt Lake. (Google Maps)

We put out a call to ask about your favorite places to cry in Salt Lake and, boy, did you deliver. Whether you’re seeking solace or comfort from a stranger, here are just a few of the best spots to shed a tear in the valley.

📚 The City Library

“The outside stairs to the top of the City Library.” — @krn_grl

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🌳 Avenues/Popperton Park

“Up in the Avenues anywhere but especially by Popperton Park and the road leading up.” — @alisonshimko

🚙 Parking Garages

“Empty parking garage or one with cars in it, I don’t get too picky.” — @kenza.roo

✈️ SLC Airport

Salt Lake City airport. I love the drama of it. Airports just make me feel all the feelings.” — @llpooljandthegang

🦆 Liberty Park

“The hill above Liberty Park pond — Ducks! Dogs! Drums? I’m feeling better already.” — @segolilly

I joined City Cast Salt Lake host Ali Vallarta and producer Ivana Martinez to share where I prefer to shed a tear. Listen to the episode below 👇

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