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The Best Places To Feel Like a Kid Again

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on September 29
If we hold hands at classic skating are we going steady? (@classicfuncenter/Instagram)

If we hold hands at classic skating are we going steady? (@classicfuncenter/Instagram)

If I may be so bold, here is my existential thought of the week: As fewer people are having babies, does that allow us to stay child-like longer? Or, for all the parents out there, are you still a big kid at heart? Either way, there’s something endearing about wanting to retain that sense of wonder and joy that you had as a youth. Here’s a list of the best places to help you feel like a kid again.

🛼 Classic Skating

There’s nothing quite like getting your zoomies out on a skating rink. Millcreek Common is always hosting cool events and in the colder months, they convert their skate rink to an ice rink. Then there’s the Classic Fun Center, a classic for a reason. Raise your hand if you held hands with your middle school crush here.

🦕 Natural History Museum

Do you know what will make you feel young again? Staring at dinosaur bones that are millions of years old. The Natural History Museum of Utah’s paleontology collection contains nearly 30,000 cataloged specimens — which can be as tiny as a single-celled organism or as big as a fossilized skeleton.

🦎 Scales & Tails

Were you a reptile kid? Scales and Tails is a family-run business where you can hold snakes (they have a 17-foot-long python), lizards, and tarantulas. They also have an alligator, which you can’t hold.

⛳️ Boondocks

If you’re looking for a full afternoon of wholesome entertainment, head to Boondocks Food & Fun. They have laser tag, mini golf, bowling, go-karts, and an arcade, with locations in Kaysville and Draper.

👾 Quarters

If you want the arcade experience, and also want a stiff drink, Quarters is the place to be. Along with the best arcade games (do you pinball, bro?), they have some very tasty and nostalgic food offerings like housemade PB&J Uncrustables and loaded tots. They’re located in downtown Salt Lake City and in Sugar House.

Where’s your favorite place to feel like a kid?

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