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The Pho King's Best Pho

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on August 11
Pho Thin pho with a side of pickled onions and Chinese donuts. (Brandon Luong/Pho King)

Pho Thin pho with a side of pickled onions and Chinese donuts. (Brandon Luong/Pho King)

We interviewed the Pho King, Brandon Luong, on Hey Salt Lake, and many of you asked, “Where’s the pho?” It may not be prime soup season, but for those of you who are looking to warm your bones any time of the year, Luong outlines his picks for the best bowls of pho in Salt Lake.

Top Three

“In my humble opinion, any of these restaurants in the top three could be called the best pho in Salt Lake, depending on what you’re looking for.”

Creativity and Vibe: The Pearl

“A trendy bar with great cocktails, of which I recommend the cà phê. Chicken-based pho topped with pork belly, wagyu beef, oxtail, or whatever Chef Tommy Nguyen’s heart desires. Asking for a side of chili oil is a must. Available only on Sunday evenings, just 70 bowls are served.”

Sweet and Meaty Broth: Pho 33

“Honestly, I’ve found that Pho 33 has been suffering from consistency issues these last few months. When it’s good, it’s among the best this state has to offer. Here you’ll discover a rich broth that’s slightly sweet. I recommend anything with brisket or oxtail. Chili oil available on request, it tastes like tom yum.”

Seasoned, Herbal Broth: Pho 777

“The official winner of the Pho King Pho Playoffs, also known as The Souper Bowl. Heavily seasoned, flavors of quintessential pho spices are front and center. Side note: The roasted chicken with tomato rice is very underrated. Sometimes I find myself ordering this over the pho.”

Honorable Mentions

Northern-Style: Pho Thin

“Pho Thin boasts solid technique and offers sides common to Northern-style pho, like pickled onions and Chinese donut sticks meant for dipping. They’re a great pick, whether you want to try something new or stick to the more familiar Southern style of pho. They’ve recently relocated, so Google their hours and location before you go.”

“Chili oil is a relative newcomer to the world of pho. If you’re the type of person that enjoys some heat, I suggest considering Pho Saigon in Murray. They serve a Vietnamese-style chili oil made from garlic and lemongrass, known as ớt sa tế.”

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