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Things I Consider Perfect in Salt Lake City

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on January 23   |   Updated on July 31
Like, are you kidding me with these SLC skies? (Terina Ria/City Cast Salt Lake)

Like, are you kidding me with these SLC skies? (Terina Ria/City Cast Salt Lake)

Salt Lake City isn’t perfect by any means, but, man, have we had some amazing sunsets this week. It got me thinking about that cute little internet trend where people post about the things they consider perfect about their town/state. Here’s my take on Salt Lake City.

Sunsets. Our cotton candy skies remain unmatched IMHO.

Close proximity to nature and National Parks. We are a short drive away from some of the most stunning places on earth. I was in Zion around New Year's and reminded of what a privilege this is.

Springtime. When the days get longer and warmer after a long blistering winter, and everything is in bloom.

Small Lake City. I know this wouldn’t make a lot of people’s idea of “perfect” (especially if you’re trying to date in this city), but I think it’s magical how the city can feel like a small town.

Birria tacos at Los Tapatios. Enough said.

Summers in the city. Farmers markets, festivals, and outdoor concerts.

The people. Yeah, I’m talking about you. I’ve lived in other places, but we have some truly kind people here. My neighbor, who invited me in and let me crash her wine night with friends when I locked myself out of my house without my phone. The coffee shop owner, who brightened my day with sincere conversation and a smile. The reader, who sent a sweet message about Hey Salt Lake and how it helps them feel more connected.

Now it’s your turn, what about Salt Lake City (or the city you live in) do you find perfect in every way?

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