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Brine Shrimp in the Great Salt Lake

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on June 27
Did you name your pet sea monkeys? (@jc_nature/Instagram)

Did you name your pet sea monkeys? (@jc_nature/Instagram)

🦐 Did you have pet sea monkeys growing up? If you didn’t know, sea monkeys and brine shrimp are the same thing and the Great Salt Lake is chock full of them. In fact, they play a large role in the lake’s ecosystem.

Every year, millions of birds feed on them when migrating or nesting. Head to Wild About Utah and City Cast Salt Lake for more information on these resilient li'l shrimps.

  • Bonus: We spoke with a graphic designer who is advocating for Utah to get an NHL team. He’s come up with a name, the Sea Monkeys, and even mocked up the jerseys. [City Cast Salt Lake 🎧]
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