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The Best Things To Do in Salt Lake on a Sunday

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on June 6   |   Updated on August 18
Skyline of Salt Lake

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As you know, a large part of Salt Lake City is closed on Sunday. My advice to newcomers: Lean into it. Spend the day doing what you can to recharge.

Here are Hey Salt Lake reader recs for how to spend your day of rest. Plus, listen to me wax on about brunch.

Food & Recreation

“Picnic and wander around Red Butte Garden, hiking anywhere, fantastic Bolly-X class at Holladay Lions Club rec center. I call it 'happy hour.'

Brunch, of course at Copper Onion and then Broadway Theater matinee. Top Golf. Go to Antelope Island, Liberty Park/Tracy Aviary. Start a Sunday supper club potluck, early evening. Picnic in City Creek or Millcreek Canyon.” - Virginia R.

“We go hiking every Sunday morning and then hit up Citrus Grill for an amazing brunch.” - Dawn G.

“I like to take advantage of the trails. It’s still weekend busy, but definitely not as bad as Saturdays. If I have a friend performing at a drag brunch, I definitely go see them, though I advise eating something before you go. Depending on the location, the mimosas come more rapidly than the food. If indoor climbing is your thing, I’ve found that Sundays are really quiet at The Front. My guess is that a lot of people climb outside on the weekends.” - Sky H.

Mushroom Church

“I just started going to TDA and it’s actually amazing, such a supportive chill community for anyone that wants the cool things about church without any doctrine. It’s all about pursuing your own beliefs, and it’s fun to be in an intergenerational environment.” - Chandler R.


“I go to the Grand America spa, relaxing and full of self-care. I’m in love with the tea in the lobby lounge. Make a reservation! It gets booked quick.” - Therese A.

Tell me your favorite Sunday activities 👇

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