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A Guide to Booze In Utah

Terina Ria
Terina Ria
Posted on June 26   |   Updated on July 7
Cocktail sunset. (@beehivedistilling/Instagram)

Cocktail sunset. (@beehivedistilling/Instagram)

One thing to know about booze in Utah is there are a lot of rules. Gastronomic SLC has an extensive guide on liquor laws, but here are some of the highlights that you ought to know.

Bar Licenses

Our liquor licenses are built different. You won’t be able to go to a restaurant that serves alcohol and only order a drink — you’ll need to order food (at least one item) with it. If you find yourself at a restaurant that does allow you to only order a drink, they’re operating under a bar license, which means no one under 21 is allowed in.


Pours are metered at 1.5 ounces, and free pours are only allowed at private events. You can, however, have a mixed drink with a primary liquor and an extra ounce of an additional liquor, so long as the secondary pour comes from a bottle clearly marked “flavoring.” For example, you could have a drink with 2.5 ounces of vodka and gin if the gin is flavored.

Utah’s DUI Law

We have the strictest DUI limit in the country at 0.05%, which includes not only cars but bikes, too. Plan ahead with a designated driver, public transit, rideshare, or take a hot girl walk.

  • While you’re at it: Listen for more pros and cons on going car-free. [City Cast Salt Lake 🎧]

Need To Buy Booze on a Sunday?

Our state liquor stores are notoriously closed on Sundays. But have no fear, there’s a sneaky workaround. Head to your nearest distillery to buy a bottle. Also, a restaurant or bar is an option if you’re looking to buy wine. The only stipulation is you must consume a portion on the premise, but then they can reseal the bottle and you can take it to go.

Ruth Lewandowski wine. (Terina Ria/City Cast Salt Lake)

Ruth Lewandowski wine. (Terina Ria/City Cast Salt Lake)

P.S. For all the natural wine people out there, follow Flora/Fauna Wines to stay updated on the whens and wheres of new natural wine shipments.

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